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Holocaust: An Objective 21st Century Re-Visit

July 12, 2023 VT Radio / Vaughn Klingenberg Season 2 Episode 62
VT RADIO: Uncensored Alternative Foreign Policy Talk
Holocaust: An Objective 21st Century Re-Visit
Show Notes

VT Radio takes the bold step to ask "What really happened in the Holocaust?".   VT Radio looks at it from all sides with special guest Vaughn Klingenberg.

We all know the Western version of what happened.  It's been told over and over again, year after year by Hollywood.  But NAZI GERMANY was NOT a movie.  It was a lot more complex and the losers never got to tell their side of the story.  So what is that story and what really happened in NAZI GERMANY over 80 years ago?


FULL DISCLOSURE and STATEMENT:   The loss of one person let alone millions of people in the Holocaust is an absolutely awful horrific tragedy and terrible loss.  World War II and Holocaust atrocities and their violence are wholeheartedly condemned in the highest. 

VT understands the sensitivity of this issue to the Jewish community and families around the world and thus takes great care when taking a very hard look at the actual facts herein without the jaundice of propaganda used to advance current political agendas! 

We know this is tough stuff. But VT can do it without being prejudiced, bigoted, and/or racist.  We urge all viewers to put down their cancel gavels and listen first, then engage intelligently so that truth wins the day for all mankind, not just some. Signed, VT


Special Guest Vaughn Klingenberg has a Master's Degree in Philosophy from Marquette University where he taught Logic.  He lived in Europe; mostly Poland and England for two years and traveled widely throughout Europe and the Middle East (sojourning for a month in Israel).

His areas of interest center on conspiracies; especially Jewish conspiracies. He considers himself a "conspiracy factualist"--not a conspiracy theorist--as well as a Holocaust Truther--not a Holocaust denier. He has self-published two books on Shake-speare under the pseudonym "Odysseus Er": Hamlet-Christ (a Judeo-Christian interpretation of Hamlet), and Paradigm Shift: Shake-speare (an analysis of Jonson's Introductory Poem to the 1623 Folio which reveals the 17th Ear of Oxford as the true author of the Shake-speare corpus).

He has also written a booklet in his own name on the Holocaust entitled, The Big Lie: The Holocaust (An Introduction to the Greatest Fraud of the 20th Century). All his work and books can be found on his website at BooksByVk.org.

Vaughn's Work on VT

Johnny Punish is a pro-peace activist and a human rights advocate. He supports freedom of religion for all and pledges his allegiance to all mankind and NOT one nation or political agenda.  Specifically, on the question of Israel/Palestine, he supports coexistence, brotherhood, and love for all Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Pagans and does NOT stand by in the presence of evil, no matter who is the perpetrator.

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